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The Dr. Michael Gull Award honors the late long-time Holden Baseball volunteer and coach and is awarded to that player on each AAA, JLL and LL team who best exemplifies the qualities he held dear: sportsmanship, character, coach-ability, enthusiasm, unselfishness and commitment to the team. The Gull Award is the only award presented by Holden Baseball for individual achievement, and reflects the organization's priorities in player development.


2016 Gull Award Winners are:



Aiden Golden (Mudcats)

Jack Miller (Spinners)

Jonas Segur (Cougars)

Marcus Howley (Knights)

Neil Kelleher (Rattlers)

Peter Krog (Barrons)

Pranav Manjrekar (Voyagers)





Jack Higgins (Hooks)

Brandon Dadah (Mets)

Caitlin Ciccone (Rockhounds)

Mason Duffy (Redwings)

Lincoln Stacy (sand Gnats)

Emma Chaya Praver-Lipton (River Bandits)



Nick Ciccone (A's)

Jack Felicio (Astros)

Pete Joslyn (DBacks)

Adam Parechanian (Orioles)

Sam Senes (Cardinals)

Julia Bembenek (White Sox)

Dennis Coleman (Rays)

Jeff Wheeler (Rangers)